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As a student of Grade XI, I always used to stay confused about my career journey where all my other classmates were determinedly preparing themselves for JEE and NEET. As we all know, the two professions of being a doctor and engineer are considered to be one of the most successful and respectful careers. Lakhs of students give these two exams every year, and my family wished me to do the same but I never wanted to be a part of this rat race.

From the very start of Grade VIII, I was actually attracted towards the field of Mass Communication, because I thought it’s a bit unique and creative field but I was actually insecure about the opportunities I may or may not get in future. Because of this dilemma of mine, my parents suggested that I choose a strong base at first, but I wasn’t happy at all with this decision.

Then one day my teacher asked me to prepare a script for children’s day and told me that our school is going to visit the PCET’S Infinity Community Radio 90.4 FM studio for the recording. At first I was so nervous ‘cause it was my first ever recording but the friendly environment made me so comfortable and provided me that courage so that I can speak fluently in front of the mic.

The best thing which I liked the most was they were pointing out the mistakes, correcting them, and helping us so that we do our best.

“It doesn't matter what you did or where you were...it matters where you are and what you're doing. Get out there! Sing the song in your heart and never let anyone shut you up!” This saying is so true. As soon as our recording ended, we were filled with a different kind of happiness and satisfaction.

I read this beautiful quote on my school’s notice board “follow your dreams; they know it’s way.” I think I got my way. Am really happy and grateful towards my school and PCET’s Infinity Community Radio. Please keep supporting me and everyone in the same manner.

Dikha Banik
Student, S.B. Patil Public School

Not simply speaking about this app but about the Infinity Community Radio 90.4 FM itself: I think this is an absolutely fabulous initiative taken by the PCET.

Managed and headed by the wonderful and talented team of Ms. Madhuri Dhamale, Mr. Viraj Sawai and everyone else onboard, the ICR 90.4 FM acts as a platform for the institute heads to reach out to the students near and far; and to lend anyone and everyone within the vicinity of the PCMC, especially students, a voice to speak on myriad topics and issues that not just pertain to academics but also about more prevalent and pressing issues.

As S.B. Patil Public School’s Media and Publishing Department Executive, it is my privilege to be now be the ICR 90.4FM’s liaison for the school: to bring students and faculty - whose talents and passion lie in speaking, singing, dramatics and all those performances that require one to be heard - to the forefront, and to give those who have tonnes on their mind a voice to be heard by one and all.

I see the future - for this initiative and for everyone associated with it - paved in glittering stars for they are indeed not simply hardworking but absolutely passionate about what they do. On behalf of everyone here at S.B. Patil Public School, I wish the team the best for the paths they tread in future.

With best wishes,

Rohit Sarkar, Media and Publishing Department Executive | Writer and Editor-in-Chief, S.B. Patil Public School

इन्फिनिटीवर बालदिन विशेष कार्यक्रम ऐकला. कार्यक्रमाची बांधणी मुद्देसूद होती. निवेदन सुश्राव्य, रेडिओचे गाणेही अप्रतिम आहे. आपण साधत असलेला सहज संवाद खूप आवडला. खूप खूप शुभेच्छा!

वैभवी तेंडुलकर, मुख्याध्यापिका ( साईनाथ बालक मंदिर)

दिवाळी विशेष 'सृजनोत्सव' कार्यक्रम खूप खूप आवडला. सर्व सादरीकरण, निवेदनाची गुंफण याने कार्यक्रमाची रंगत वाढते. आवाज, प्रक्षेपणाचा दर्जा ही अतिशय उत्तम आहे. हा सुखद अनुभव होता. तुमच्या कडून अशाच नवनवीन कार्यक्रमाची निर्मिती व्हावी ही सदिच्छा!!

अंजली कऱ्हाडकर ( सुप्रसिद्ध कीर्तनकार, अभिनेत्री, नाट्यप्रशिक्षक)

आनंदाचे विज्ञान हा कम्युनिटी रेडिओ वरचा कार्यक्रम अतिशय महत्वपूर्ण आहे. इलेक्ट्रॉनिक वस्तूंचा वापर काळजीपूर्वक कसा करायचा ह्या विषयी मॅडम ने खूप महत्त्वाची माहिती सांगितली आहे. तसेच आधीच्या काही भागा मध्ये घरगुती वापरातील इतर वस्तू जसे गॅस, कुकर ह्या विषयी पण छान माहिती मिळाली. आनंदाचे विज्ञान ह्या कार्यक्रमामुळे आमच्या ज्ञानात भर पडत आहे. इन्फिनिटी कम्युनिटी रेडिओ चे मनःपूर्वक आभार...

यशश्री सवाई (यशस्वी खाद्य उद्योजिका)

इन्फिनिटीवरील 'सगळ्यांसाठी विज्ञान' मालिकेमधील तंत्रज्ञान विषयावरील व्याख्यान खूपच छान होते.

उज्वला हेरोदे

प्रिय इन्फिनिटी रेडिओ,
आपण प्रसारीत केलेले भावस्पर्शी आणि नाट्यरंग हे भाग अतिशय छान. मला भरपूर आवडले. आपण दिवाळीला प्रसारीत केलेले भक्तीगीते आम्ही साऱ्या कुटुंबीयीसोबत दिवाळीच्या शुभ घडीला ऐकून मंत्रमुग्ध झालो. असेच कार्यक्रम आपण येथून पुढे तयार करा. एकदम झक्कास होते वरील एपिसोड धन्यवाद!

प्रदीप पां. राणे.. कोल्हापूर..

दिवाळी विशेष भक्तिगीतांचा कार्यक्रम खूपच छान झाला. निवेदन आणि गाण्यांची निवड अतिशय उत्तम होती. भावस्पर्शी आणि नाट्यरंग दोन्ही कार्यक्रम अप्रतिम. ऐकत रहावं असं वाटत होतं.

मंजुषा पवार

RJ Sameer's Shivranjani program is fabulous, awesome and very nostalgic. The song selections are too good and the backdrop events are very beautifully quoted by RJ Sameer. Kudos to him. Expecting more programs weekly. My compliments to the research team and specifically to RJ Sameer.

Ashish Kagal

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to visit your studio and work with you. It has been a pleasure working with you. It has been 6 years since I started this work but however much i tried i couldn't convey my intention, vision and mission to everyone very effectively. But through your radio station my intention and vision could be expressed to many people easily and effectively. Radio is such a powerful medium and I am very thankful for that. I admire your ability to interview and ask the right questions to get the most out of the interview.

Pratibha Kolte, Director Healthy Food Bank

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